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Welcome to the millions of Internet viewers who visit the USRG.

The USRG is a dynamic restaurant portal featuring every restaurant in the US, Canada, UK , Singapore and India. The USRG provides a framework for diners and their restaurants to share basic information and appreciate the best in food and culture. We are also diners who like to cook, so we feature restaurants who share recipes through our blogs, and we encourage diners to share their recipe insights in their review and through our blogs.

Any diner may rate or review restaurants. The USRG editorial team contacts diners and restaurants to qualify reviews and judge restaurants by a comprehensive national standard. The infinite depth of the internet lets the USRG provide comprehensive coverage of every restaurant. This is unlike other commercial print or online guides who will let you see only the TOP 10% of a city. The. USRG lets you examine every major and "out-of-the-way" place. If the restaurant is not in the USRG it is probably no longer in business.


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Although every known restaurant and city in the US exists in the USRG, certain cities appear fully featured online before others due to local participation. Cities appear when dining reviewers or sponsors write about their city. We try to cover every restaurant, but more than a dozen restaurants come and go every day in the USA. Your email comments keep this national guide up to date via email.

Local reviewers - The current staff is purely voluntary. To become a chief city reviewer for your area contact our Editor editors@usrg.com. If you write reviews and are fair in comparing restaurants where you live please contact USRG to give us your view of local restaurants and recipes. Readers like the regional flare. If you are new, simply sending in your Top 10 restaurants. Then write a few reviews every season. Your reward besides helping improve standards of dining and cultural interest it you get a special view into the USRG with personal portal services.



The USRG went online in October, 1997. In 1992, Mark Beaulieu started Digital Lantern and invented the popular Digital City guides featuring every San Francisco Bay Area restaurant. It was sold through Apple Computer and photofeatured in Wired Magazine as Digital Guide Done Right. The name "Digital Cities" was sold to AOL. In October 1997, the USRG dining guide & culinary site was launched and serves about half a million unique visitors a year. USRG is the most precise national restaurant guide on the Internet.

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